Tape in Hair Extensions NYC are a great way to add length, volume, or fill out broken pieces of hair.  Each Tape In Hair Extensions NYCindividual situation determines the amount of hair needed, placement, and price.  This is why a consultation is always required.  A consultation also insures the client the best result possible.

Factory type “Walk-In” extension services are not the same as custom.  The hair is usually not the best quality nor can it be re-used.

Tape In Hair Extensions NYC offers specialized service with the clients’ hair integrity being the highest priority.  The client always receives services from the same specialist. This lets you get to know your stylist so your specific needs can be met every time.


tape in hair extensionsA consultation is also necessary for new clients with tape in hair extensions who need maintenance. Compatibility, size of pieces, number of pieces, and amount of time required needs to be determined first. This appointment takes 5 minutes and then another appointment will be made to do the maintenance.

Tape in Hair Extensions NYC are top quality as the hair doesn’t tangle and matte. The hair is shiny and can be easily styled. The tape itself doesn’t get “gunky” insuring easy removal so as to not damage the client’s own hair.  The hair can be re-used for 6 months.  The extensions are flat and perfectly placed to be undetectable.  The client leaves the salon with beautiful long hair that is perfectly blended for color and cut. 


Tape In HairAs with all types of hair extensions, Tape In Extensions requires regular maintenance. Timing can range from 6-10 weeks depending on the client’s hair texture, growth rate, and life style.  Using the recommended shampoo and conditioner is also very important to keep the extension healthy.  The extensions should always be blow dried at the root and washed enough so the scalp doesn’t get oily.  This insures a secure attachment for the entire time between maintenance.

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