Are you concerned about your thin hair and want to restore some natural volume to your hair? We recommend the best and safest tape in hair extensions that not only adds more length but also volume to your hair. These are tape in extensions with the best quality adhesive tape that sticks to your natural hair without pulling – especially when removing for maintenance. These quality hair extensions can be reused for at least 6 months with regular maintenance every 6-9 weeks.If you are looking to enhance your hair style and volume, tape-in hair extensions are one of the best choices depending on the type of hair you have. Enhance Thin Hair

Enhance Thin Hair

Our double drawn tape in hair extensions are 100% natural human hair which blend seamlessly for an undetectable result. They are available in a variety of colors, that can be blended to achieve highlights, low lights, ombre, etc. The quality of tape in hair extensions we offer are extremely important to us and our clients.  This is why we offer only the best quality that are silky smooth to touch, blend easily and last at least 6 months with proper maintenance.

Damage to the hair is basically caused by bad hair extensions or going to a salon that doesn’t specialize in professional hair extension methods. We offer our expertise in finding a non-damaging hair extension solution for each individual situation. We only provide the best quality hair extensions that are long lasting and natural looking. With the best quality tape in hair extensions; your hair will instantly be transformed in length and/or fullness. Enhance Thin Hair

We help many clients and encourage everyone to do their research in order to find an experienced hair extension professional. We are familiar with different types of hair, methods, and alternatives to meet our client’s needs.Our service is absolutely spot on and also will prove to be worth it in the long run. The high-quality tape in hair extensions NYC fit you and your style perfectly, and last for months compared to other hair extensions! They look natural and won’t look like extensions at all!


We are the leader in custom made hair extensions for more than two decades.  We offer our customized tape in hair extensions service in NYC from the best and accredited hair extension specialist you can rely upon. If you have hair issues, want a new look, or have any questions about hair extension services – arrange a free consultation with our experts today!

Enhance Thin Hair