Hair extensions are trending in the beauty market nowadays as they provide a voluminous and beautiful look to our hair. And who doesn’t want such luscious hair? Today, hair extensions help women boost their self-confidence and feel better in their own skin.But there are some interesting facts associated with the history of hair extensions that will make you feel in awe! Let us have a look at these facts. Tape In Hair Extensions NYC

Tape In Hair

The first hair extensions originated in Ancient Egypt in 3400 BC.  They have the first documented proof of the use of hair extensions as hair weaves, attached braids, and wigs.  You can see some of these pieces at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

It was considered a symbol of status and wealth both among women and men of the ancient era.  Wealthy men used to shave their heads and use their hair to make ornamented wigs.

Egyptian women used to add hair extensions and braids of bright colors such as gold, red, blue, and so on. Cleopatra also weaved her hair with her favorite color, peacock blue.

1960 was the era of beehive wigs and wiglets.  Whereas in the eighteenth century, powdered wigs dominated the hair world. The white powdered wigs, also known as Perukes, were established by King Louis to hide his baldness.

Tape In Hair Extensions NYC

In the 18th century, the Apollo hairstyle became popular which had tight curls attached closer to the scalp in mounds. And in the 19th century, the Pompadour hairstyle became a hit. Then in the 1900s, clip-in hair extensions known as the Switch came into fashion.

When talking about the present day, there are different ways available to attach hair extensions that are made of real human hair and are attached to the existing hair in order to add length and volume.  Among those several ways, tape in hair extensions is one of the newest methods. This technique is loved by both stylists as well as clients.  It is easy to install and integrates well with the client’s own hair. Also, the attachment points of tape in extensions are seamless and do not damage most types of hair.

Custom Hair by Catherine provides specialized hair extension services keeping the client’s hair integrity our highest priority. We provide consultations before providing the service as we believe a proper consultation can help us and the client understand every aspect of tape hair extensions NYC. Our Tape in Hair Extensions NYC are top quality and the hair doesn’t tangle and matte.  The hair is shiny and can be easily styled. The tape itself doesn’t get “gunky” ensuring easy removal so as to not damage the client’s own hair.

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