Looking beautiful and elegant is a common desire for most individuals. From ancient times, people were using different natural and unnatural cosmetic materials to enhance their looks.  Today, that practice has come a long way.  Most everyone is doing “something” to look and feel good by enhancing their appearance is some way.

Hair is certainly playing a vital role to enhance your look that can directly have an impact on your self-esteem. Unfortunately, more people today are suffering from hair loss which can be caused by the stresses of everyday life, diet and our environment.   This situation can create more stress and anxiety to become a vicious cycle.  There are two ways available to counter this situation.  One is to preserve the natural hair, if possible,  through better diet and less stress.  Also, trying to determine and fix what is causing the hair loss to begin with.  Another way is to utilize real hair extensions to enhance your thin hair.

If you have tried to buy real hair extensions online (to do-it-yourself) and found it more frustrating when the extensions don’t work, don’t match, or at worst, cause more damage to your own natural hair. Here are some tips to choose the right hair extensions that will work for your situation.

Seek assistance from a reputable hair extension specialist

Real hair extensions are an important factor to achieve a beautiful, natural result.  We at hair extensions in New York City, are aware of this and utilizing our experience, provide quality hair extensions which will make you look prettier without damaging your natural hair.   You will receive an honest assessment as to whether or not your type of hair can withstand the various methods of hair extensions. We offer several methods to accommodate many different situations.  This will be determined at your complimentary consultation along with an exact price.  The decision is yours at this point.  If you decide you want to proceed, another appointment will be made to attach, cut, and style your new hair.  Meanwhile, the extensions are then made and prepared, so they are ready to attach at the follow up appointment.  You will get a natural look that can be styled as desired.

Real hair extensions should be 100% human hair

Hair is an important attribute to our overall look.  It’s important to have high quality, gently processed human hair to achieve a seamless, natural result.  Hair can be damaged easily and quickly with neglect and abuse.  It is important to take care of your own hair along with the hair extensions using the right products, tools, and methods to minimize damaging the hair.  Proper maintenance and care is very important to have a good result.  We provide hair extensions that are 100% human hair that is gently processed from reliable sources.  No matter, whether you want Italian, European or Indian style hair, you will receive top quality hair.  And while we’re at it, we’ll take care of your own hair too!