On the red carpet, celebrities like Selena Gomez, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian have shoulder-glazing lobs one day and then luxurious strands by the time they hit the next red carpet. They don’t have super genes; rather they use hair extensions to switch their hair length whenever they feel like changing their look.

Hair Extensions Methods NYC

Fortunately, hair extensions are not just for the red carpet. You can use them to have fuller and longer length hair. Are you tempted to add some length to your strands?  Before you take the plunge, let’s take a look at the post below and learn why hair extensions are a wonderful option for everyday lifestyles:

Hair extensions were rarely thought of as a must-have accessory.  Not anymore! They are used daily by many women and are one of the least talked about beauty secrets.

What types of hair extensions are best for you?

Hair extensions work well for anyone who has at least 6 inches of hair so that they can be covered by your own hair and look natural. The extensions can be used on any hair type. But a proper consultation is a must to make sure you get the perfect extension based on your lifestyle and preferences. Whatever type you choose, always opt for human hair extensions in NYC.

Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions –

Semi-permanent hair extensions are the great alternative to those who desire to wear hair extensions around the clock. Once you apply these hair extensions, you will have 5-9 weeks until you need maintenance.

Semi-permanent hair extensions like sew-ins and tape-ins are reusable due to the use of high-quality human hair. You can swim, workout, wear your hair up or down without any damage or issues as long as you follow the Maintenance care instructions given to you by your stylist.

Hair Extension

Semi-permanent hair extensions need special care and attention as you’ll be wearing them on the daily basis. Remember, they are great for those who want fully glamorous hair daily.  They are also a “life saver” for those with fine, thin, and/or damaged hair.

DIY Hair Extensions

Clip-in and Halo hair extensions are the perfect choice for those who want hair extensions without any commitment. You can pop them in and out easily and they don’t need regular maintenance.  You’ll always want to take care of them, so they will last a long time.

These extensions are required to be taken out the night. Whether you need fuller hair a few times a week or every day, DIY extensions can work well.

Hair Extensions Advice –

  • Thick hair needs more hair extensions to look natural. You need to be sure to get enough to blend seamlessly.
  • Human hair extensions in NYC are the investment that’s meant to last and always looks like your own hair with proper care and attention.
  • Semi-permanent extensions should be applied under the guidance of a trained professional in order to avoid any damage and hair loss.

Human Hair Extensions

Final Consideration –

Nowadays, hair extensions in NYC are the big trend. They are in magazines, newspapers, online portals, catalogs, etc.  You see them on the red carpet, on celebrities, and models.  More often, many people you see day to day have hair extensions without anyone knowing.  Whatever your style and look, hair extensions can be used to create and enhance it.

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