Hair Extensions NYC from Custom Hair by Catherine offers a range of hair extensions and services. They are located in Manhattan, New York and have been there since 1999.

The methods Hair Extensions NYC offers are Sew in Invisi-Link, Tape In, Weave, HairWire Halo, Clip ins and Ponytail extensions. All of the methods are custom made using high quality human hair. The hair is blended to match your hair color, density, and texture. This insures a seamless, undetectable blend.

The hair from Hair Extensions NYC can be re-used for at least 6 months on methods that are attached to your own hair. Removable clip ins, halo, and ponytails can last indefinitely depending on the amount of wear.  Attached methods require regular “Maintenance” and use of the recommended shampoo and conditioner is required.

The Sew in method incorporates Invisi-Links used to create a base to sew on strips of hair. The strips of hair can be blended for highlights, lowlights, Ombre or Balayage. This method lays very flat and is virtually undetectable. It also adds the most volume and never gets “stringy”. You can tie your hair back in a ponytail, throw in a clip, wear a chignon, or braid.

Tape in’s from Hair Extensions NYC are top quality. The hair also lasts at least 6 months. Several colors can be used to create a perfect blend, highlights and lowlights. It also comes in color blends and Ombre. The tape does not get “gunky” and pull out your own hair when removing and re-applying for maintenance.

HairWire Halo Extensions are custom made to fit your head size and custom blended for color, texture and density. There is no maintenance required – just slip on and go. Halo Extensions are great for people with really damaged hair, fine hair, or broken ends. Depending on your own hair, they can add volume and/or length.

Hair Extensions NYC is now offering custom made Ponytail Extensions using the same high quality hair as the other methods. The Ponytail can be made thick or thin as needed so it looks “real” like your own hair. Put your hair in a ponytail. Wrap the ponytail extension around your ponytail. Secure the Velcro strip. Wrap the side piece of hair around and secure with a bobby pin. You’ll have a sleek, polished look in a few minutes!

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