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Halo Tutorial for Fine to Average Hair:

Halo Tutorial for Thick or Tangly Hair:

Halo Hair Extensions NYC

Halo Hair Extensions NYC

Halo hair Extensions NYC are custom made to perfectly match your  hair color and sized to fit your head. The hair is the finest quality Italian/European/Ukrainian/Indian hair. We offer several textures and wave patterns.  Whether your hair is silky straight, fine and wavy, naturally curly or somewhere in between, we have the type of hair that will work for you.

Unlike pre-made halo hair extensions, HairWire halo hair extensions will not matte or shed and will last at least at least a year wearing daily if properly maintained.  These extensions can add length and/or volume depending on the client’s own hair.  Most importantly, there is absolutely No Damage to your own hair!

Custom-made Halo Hair extensions works extremely well with clients’ who have very fine thin hair that can’t take the stress of permanently attached methods. It is also fabulous for clients who are growing out damaged hair.  The client can enjoy longer, fuller hair immediately without causing further damage which allows their own hair to grow out healthy.

Halo Hair Extensions NYC

Halo Hair Extensions

Clients who have hair that has thinned out on the top can utilize this method too.  By filling out the sides and ends, this method makes it appear that the entire head of hair is thicker.

Unlike clip-on’s, HairWire Halo hair extensions will not pull or break the clients own hair and lay much flatter. Best Hair Extensions Salons NYC have some clients’ who switch back and forth from permanent attach methods to maintain their hair integrity.

HairWire Halo extensions works well for clients who don’t have time for regular maintenance. This makes the Halo hair extension option more cost effective too.

Custom Hair by Catherine can also accommodate out of town clients – please plan 2 -3 weeks in advance.  This way we can allow ample time to get your Hair Extension made while you’re in New York.

It is many times possible to have a Halo hair extension made and sent to you without having to come to New York.  If you have a pre-made halo that fits your head and a color sample that matches your hair,  you can send it to be matched and sized.  The hair we use is much higher quality and the halo is not bulky and lays flat.  Please contact for more details.

Best Hair Extensions Salons has offered this method over 25 years and the clients love it!  Please feel free to contact us for an appointment for a complimentary consultation to see for yourself!