Hair extensions are becoming a must-have accessory among women who are looking to glam up their hair game. The task becomes daunting with so many hair extension types to choose from these days. “Halo” hair extensions are one of the most recent types that have gained immense popularity and taken the hair extension industry by storm.

By now, you must be wondering, what are Halo Hair Extensions and should you get them or not? How do these type of hair extensions work?  How long do they stay on?

Don’t worry, a lot of women have been where you are. And we are here to help give you accurate answers to these questions.

We are not going to tell you why you MUST Get Halo Hair Extensions NYC! Rather, we will highlight the reasons why women these days are loving Halo hair extensions NYC.

In this post, we will share important information about Halo Hair Extensions.

Halo Hair Extensions – What are they?

This is the only type of hair extension that is not attached to your own hair. It is wefted hair that is blended to match your hair seamlessly. The hair can be made thicker or thinner depending on what type of look you’re trying to achieve.  A wire is attached so the “Halo” sits on your head and your hair is pulled around it to make it secure.  When sized properly, it fits the natural shape of your head and sits comfortably on it. Therefore, there is no pulling or breakage to your hair.

How are Halo Hair Extensions Different From Other Types Of Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions generally fall under two categories – removable hair extensions that you attach yourself and permanent hair extensions that are professionally installed and require maintenance as your hair grows.

We will categorize halo hair extensions in the former category.  However, it’s different in the way that they are not attached to your own hair with clips. The hair extension is sandwiched between your hair in a way that it is held in place and does not come off.

What Are the Benefits of Halo Extensions Compared To Other Hair Extension Types?

Halo hair extensions NYC have three primary advantages when compared to other hair extension types.

  • First, there is absolutely no damage to your actual hair.
  • Second, you can put it on in minutes.
  • The third is there are no maintenance appointments required which also saves you money.

How Long do Halo Hair Extensions Last?

The extensions can last for one to several years depending upon how you take care of them and the quality of the hair.

What are the benefits of Halo Hair Extensions?

There are so many different hairstyles one can achieve using this extension method. However, the main reason most women and girls love them is that they’re very easy-to-use and non-damaging to your own hair. Getting thicker, longer hair in seconds has never been this easy!

Custom Hair By Catherine offers the best Halo Hair Extensions NYC. The hair extensions are custom-made to make the wearer look and feel like it’s their own hair. They are sized to fit your head and perfectly match your hair color.

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Halo Hair Extensions NYC: What are they and How are they Different?