Hair extensions are not new, but it has become a huge craze especially among women. Years back, fashion-conscious women got hair extensions to create gorgeous locks. Today the reason is the same, but there are many more choices and types than the older versions. Looking stylish and beautiful in our daily lives is something we all wish for!  That is why many women buy hair extensions to use in their daily lives to look gorgeous. Such extensions add length and volume to your hair as well as give you a new look.

So, are you interested in buying hair extensions? Looking for the trendiest option that will suit you perfectly? Then check out the latest trends of hair extensions in NYC below –

  • Human Hair Extensions

You can definitely find different types of hair extensions in the market today.However, among all the available options, human hair extensions in NYC are the most popular ones. Human hair extensions, also called Remy hair extensions, are collected from a woman’s head directly and the cuticles of the hair remain intact. This type of hair extension is the best and healthiest. The majority of human hair extensions come from India and China. Some of the better-quality ones come from Ukraine and Eastern Europe. What makes human hair extensions in NYC popular is the higher quality and tangle-free texture. Usually this hair is not altered chemically and remains in its natural state which makes them look and feel healthy and shiny.  High quality human hair also blends better with your own hair.

Halo Hair Extensions

You see them everywhere on Social media and the internet.  Which ones should you buy?  The price will indicate the quality of the hair.  For woman that want only the best quality, a custom-made Halo hair extension is your best bet.  The hair is top quality that is blended to match your color and sized to fit your head exactly.  This is an excellent option for women with thinning or damaged hair as a Halo extension will not cause any damage to your own hair.

Hand-tied Hair Extensions

This is a new term that has popped up everywhere too.  While they are now being mass marketed, hand-tied hair extensions have been around at least 15 years. It’s basically using hand-tied, wefted hair attached with tiny beads that lay flat and underneath the extension.  It is light and cannot be easily seen.  It can take 1 to 5 rows depending on the look you’re going for and what your own hair is like.  This method is very suitable for most types of hair and generally doesn’t cause damage.

We at Custom Hair by Catherine believe that setting trends is cooler than following the trends! That is why; we provide hair extensions that allow you to be ahead of the curve and get a unique look. Also, we offer the best human hair extensions in NYC that are custom made to look and feel like your own hair. For further details get complimentary consultation by scheduling an appointment at

Hair Extensions that are Trending in NYC