Halo hair extensions are a convenient, one-step technique to accomplish longer, fuller hair. They are ideal for first-time clients and easy enough to apply for everyday wear in only a couple of moments. Rather than tape in’s or sew in wefts, you can get Halo hair extensions in NYC from Custom Hair By Catherine. These custom-made halo extensions sit securely on your head utilizing a clear, unseen wire.  You also don’t have to come in for regular maintenance since you can put them on and remove yourself. Best Types of Hair Extensions

Halo Extensions are light in weight

While custom made Halo hair extensions can be made thick, they can also be made very light for fine thin hair so as to appear very natural. Choosing a density that works with your own hair is key along with using hand tied hair that makes these Halo’s lighter than ready-made ones.

Halo hair extensions work well in many different situations.

Whether you have long or short hair, a halo can work for you.  Generally, hair shoulder length or longer with medium or thin density is best to add length unless you have extremely thin or broken ends.  Clients with short hair can also utilize a halo to add volume.  For people with thinning hair on top of their heads, filling out the ends with a Halo can give an overall appearance of thicker hair.  You can get custom Halo Hair Extensions NYC from us at Custom Hair By Catherine.

Halo Extensions are not quite the same as clip in hair extension 

Halo extensions lay much flatter on the head than clip-ins.  They are well suited for people with thin, fine, and silky hair. These extensions are likewise a superior option for individuals who have a sensitive scalp and discover the clips can be irritating and pull on their own hair. Best Types of Hair Extensions

Tips on wearing Halo Extensions

Having a full head of long ravishing hair has never been easier! Custom Hair By Catherine has the perfect solution and will light up your look in only minutes! With Halo Extensions from us you can have long, full hair that looks natural and blends well.  The Halo Is sized to fit your head perfectly so that it lies flat and doesn’t move around.

Color that is custom blended for your Halo Hair Extensions 

There is nothing more obvious than to have mismatched hair color. We stock every color and several textures of top-quality hair that is custom blended to match your color exactly.  This insures a seamless blend that is undetectable.


Cutting your Halo extension in to blend with your own hair is an absolute must. Your stylist will cut and blend the extension utilizing specific techniques that work well with Halo Hair extensions. It is not recommended to have stylists that do not specialize in hair extensions, cut them.  They cannot be layered the same way as hair growing out of your head and it can end up that too much hair is cut off which cannot be fixed.


The Halo hair extensions we offer are made with top quality, cuticle, human hair. The hair won’t matte, tangle, and dry out quickly with proper maintenance.  This also infers you can style the extension as you would your own hair. You can use a curling or straightening iron, and other hot instruments to style your extension. However, use a heat protectant recommended by your stylist and don’t overheat.  It is still hair and can dry out just like your own hair would.  

How long do Halo Extensions last? 

Much the same as clip in hair extensions, our Halo Extensions will last somewhere in the range of 1-2 years – sometimes longer. Follow the Maintenance Care Instructions and use the recommended products to insure a long life for the extensions. Best Types of Hair Extensions

Do Halo Extensions shed more than ordinary hair? 

Halo Hair Extensions from us are made with high quality hair.  However, they will shed some over time and thin out since there is no new hair growing in like your own.  You will not have extensive shedding that is problematic.  Make sure to comb daily – morning, noon, and night.  And, also before shampooing to keep any tangles out from coats, scarves, etc.

Get Halo hair extensions from us now to enhance your look.  It’s amazing what extra hair can do!

Best Types of Hair Extensions