Hair care is a very important hygiene routine for both men and women alike. No one ever wants to go out with dry, frizzy and unhealthy hair. When we meet a person, their hair is one of the first things that catches our eye. This is particularly true for the ladies.

Lovely and glossy hair never fails to leave a great impression, which is the reason proper hair care is essential. Additionally, proper care of your hair has an essential part to play in having healthy hair and avoiding any damage that can cause hair-loss.

Regular washing with harsh shampoos and conditioners is not the way to go. Good hair care requires more than just this. Proper hair care involves good grooming and making sure you are using the right hair care products. These products range from oils, creams, hair sprays, hair serums, shampoos and conditioners. Hair can also require the use of deep conditioning hair treatments from time to time.

Styling hair also plays a big role. Hair extensions are a popular method used globally to achieve a desired hair style. What are they? Hair extensions are when additional hair is attached to a person’s own hair to add length and/or thickness. They help a person obtain a hairstyle which typically requires them to have long hair. This is popular with a lot of women. There are those who can’t or don’t want to put in the time for their hair to grow naturally.  So, they are on the lookout for the best hair extensions NYC has to offer.

Hair extensions, though really attractive, are an option which requires a high degree of precision. This is to ensure that they don’t damage your real hair. You might have spent a lot of time thinking, “Where are the best hair extensions near me, here in NYC?”. Choosing the right type of extension plays a big role in how good your hair will look. The Halo hair extensions NYC can provide you, is dependent on your needs.

There are various ways to go about this procedure. Depending on how well you take care of them, different types of extensions have different maintenance requirements. Tape-in types usually last for six to eight weeks, sew ins about five to seven weeks. The same hair can be re-used for 6-9 months. There is an alternative in Halo and clip type extensions. These tend to last for at least a year – longer if not worn daily. This is because they’re not slept in.

Hair extensions gives freedom to women with short hair to try hair styles meant for longer hair. A great hair style plays a huge role in making an impression on others. It also makes you feel good about yourself, making it an option worth trying! Feel free to stay connected with Custom Hair By Catherine on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter  social media networks!