Are you thinking about getting hair extensions in NYC? Someone will probably tell you to not do it for several different reasons.  And, there are some pitfalls to be aware of.  However, if you know what to look for and avoid, you can achieve the hair of your dreams! 5 Common Myths about Hair Extensions

So, what are some of the common myths about human hair extensions in NYC ? Here are some of them discussed below:

5 Common Myths about Hair Extensions

  1. Hair extensions damage hair.

Hair damage depends on the technique of attachment, the compatibility of the method with your hair, and the condition of your hair to begin with.  Methods that use “glue” or “bonding” can cause a lot of damage to your hair. When removing the extensions, the glue or bonding is so intertwined with your own hair, it pulls a lot of it out.  Tape In extensions that are poor quality get gunky and do the same thing.  And poor quality sew in’s incorrectly attached can also pull your own hair.

Any method that is not properly maintained can cause damage and stress to your own hair, so it is important that you are committed to taking good care of the extensions.Top quality human hair extensions in NYC that are applied correctly will improve the overall look of your natural hair without breaking it.

  1. Hair extensions last indefinitely.

Extensions don’t last forever as natural hair growth means they have to be repositioned and maintained.  Different methods have different time duration depending on your hair texture and growth rate. Remember that hair extensions will work well, if you maintain them regularly.

  1. Hair extensions don’t work with all types of hair.

Yes, it’s true they don’t always work in every situation, but a compatible solution can be found for most people.  Human hair extensions in NYC offers several methods that work well in a large variety of hair situations. It’s recommended to have hair at least 5-6 inches in length to blend well with hair extensions.

  1. All hair extensions are the same.

There is quite a difference in quality of hair when it comes to hair extensions.  There are several grades of hair and processing methods. This determines if the hair is shiny and healthy or if it will matte, tangle, or shed.   Quality hair is processed gently by hand using raw ponytails to maintain a healthy-looking shine. The cuticle remains intact and undamaged to act in the same way as your natural hair.  There are also different textures, so you will want the one that matches your own hair.

  1. Hair extensions don’t need special care and maintenance.

The maintenance of hair extensions is relatively simple.  Your stylist should recommend a shampoo and conditioner that has been tested on hair extensions successfully. Hair Extensions need more moisture and conditioning than most people’s natural hair since it’s not benefiting from the scalp’s natural oils and blood supply.  Quality hair needs to be washed and conditioned to keep from drying out.  Low quality hair is coated, so washing strips the coating and leaves the over-processed hair exposed.  Using a large tooth comb or a Mason Pearson type brush (for tape ins) minimizes unnecessary pulling of the hair.  

Final thought –

Have you done your research on hair extensions in NYC? Chances are you’ve found a comprehensive range of choice sand opinions.

Therefore, choosing the right type can be challenging.

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