Hello, long hair! I currently feel like a combination of Barbie and Rapunzel thanks to my new tape-in hair extensions NYC. Nothing like extensions to enhance your beauty and make you look and feel better. With so many types of hair extensions, adding extra hair has never been so easy. You can achieve any type of change you wish for, whether subtle or extreme.

With so many hair extension methods available, tape in hair extensions are one the most requested in hair salons worldwide. The benefits of tape in hair extensions NYC are shown here.  See why we think tape in hair extensions are one of the BEST.

They do not look fake. Tape in hair extensions NYC are a great way to add length, volume, and fill out broken pieces of hair. They are made using high quality hair, so they won’t matte and tangle. The tape does not get gunky and are easy to remove ensuring no damage to the client’s actual hair. The hair extensions can be reused for six months, are flat, and undetectable when properly attached. You can style or dry the extensions the way you would your natural hair.

They are easy to care for. You can curl, braid, scrunch, blow-dry, and wash your extensions. Treat them gently as possible, like you would your natural hair. Gently comb through them to entangle when they are wet. This will help to prevent any tugging at the attachment and also sleep with hair in a loose braid or soft scrunchies. Tape in hair extensions NYC are easy to style, many times easier than your own hair. 

They do not cause any damage. Are tape-in hair extensions NYC safe? The answer generally is, Yes providing your hair is relatively healthy at the root. Do tape-in hair extensions NYC damage hair? The answer is No.  If they are applied correctly and treated with care, tape-in hair extensions are a good solution without harming the overall health of your hair.


Tape in hair extensions are undoubtedly one of the best methods in the market today. Easy to apply and easy to maintain, people find them as one of the top solutions to add hair. If you are new to the world of extensions or looking to switch from what you currently have, they could be the appropriate choice for you.