Hair extensions are a quick and easy way to transform your look. Do you wish to add volume, length, or even a pop of colour to your hair? Then, you have the best hair extension solutions at Custom Hair By Catherine. We are one of the best hair extension salons in NYC. Our hair extensions come in several textures, from straight to curly hair. Therefore, we have the best hair extension solutions for everyone’s needs. We offer high-quality, 100% natural human hair in several textures, densities, lengths, and unlimited color combinations. Most Popular & Best Hair Extensions

The best hair extensions should do two things. It will make you look good and feel amazing! But what are the best hair extensions? First of all, the best hair extensions should be natural. They should look, move, and feel like your own hair. It is not as easy to achieve as it sounds. We can make it happen at Custom Hair By Catherine. We have developed methods, color matching, styling, and blending techniques with one goal in mind! Which is nothing but to give you the best, most natural hair extensions. Our experts will determine the hair extension method that works the best with your hair and taste.

Halo & Clip hair extensions

The best choice for temporary, DIY hair extension needs is Halo or clip-in extensions. These are excellent choices because clip-in and halo extensions are quick, simple, and transient. They don’t have a permanent bond with your hair, so you can remove them whenever you like. In addition, when attached, they appear natural and seamless. You can add it to your daily routine. It will give your hair volume, length, and a splash of color. It is the most affordable and best hair extension in NYC that you can buy. We highly recommend halo hair extensions and clip-in extensions for clients who don’t want to commit to permanent extensions. The Halo (especially) will not damage your hair, and you can attach it yourself! 


On the other hand, tape-ins involve attaching thin tape wefts to your hair. To meet the needs of our clients, we may use double-sided or single-sided tape. We also offer 1″ and 1 ½” size pieces with hair up to the edge of the tape for a seamless, undetectable result. They lay flat on the head, are flexible, and may be reused. Other than that, it looks and feels like natural hair. They are easily attached to your hair and take less time to complete. With the proper care, tape-in hair extensions can last for around six to eight weeks between maintenance.  The hair can be reused for 6-9 months.

Weft hair extensions

Hand-tied wefts are popular right now. Our clients choose this extension method because it is designed to provide big volume and coverage or made thinner for a more natural look. We also customize our wefts by combining multiple colors for the perfect match. Most hair types can wear wefts attached to beads. Depending on the hair type, the hair can last up to a year with maintenance every 6-8 weeks.

Ponytail hair extensions

The quickest and most straightforward way to have a great ponytail is with ponytail hair extensions. This extra-long ponytail hair extension will complete your appearance in seconds. Perfect for the forthcoming wedding or party. We custom-make wrap-in ponytail hair extensions in various colors, sizes, and densities. All are designed to give ultra-comfort and a natural look!

Final thoughts

Getting the right hair extensions can be a trial-and-error endeavor if you don’t go to an experienced specialist. Make sure to explore your options when planning to buy the best hair extensions in NYC. If you are still hesitant after your research, you can consult our hair extension specialist for detailed information. If you are looking for high-quality, natural, and best hair extensions in NYC, check out Custom Hair By Catherine today!

Most Popular & Best Hair Extensions Most Popular & Best Hair Extensions