Are your ponytails thin and stringyor curls falling out in minutes? If you have thin hair, you know the agony and disadvantages that emerge with everyday styling. If you are envious of your friends with lusciously voluminous hair, this is the time to explore the possibility of hair extensions. While you may have come across the horror stories of the damage that hair extensions can cause to finer hair, this simply is not always the case. Custom Hair By Catherine is here to guide you to the best hair extension methods for thin hair and make your dreams of having thick hair a reality.

Tape-in Hair Extensions:

Known as one of the best hair extension methods for thin hair, tape-in extensions are best applied by a stylist.  One and a half inch or smallerflat pieces of hair are taped to your real hair by the root in a sandwich style.  A specially designed medical grade hair tape is usedwhich has no toxic chemicals and is easily applied and removed to insure no stress to your own hair. The procedure is conducted easily and quickly. The tape sections are light in weight and ideal for thin hair. Also, a large amount of your existing hair is not needed to utilize this method, making it an attractive choice for thin hair.

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

This is another method that can be very useful on fine, thin hair when placed correctly.  Baby fine strips of hand tied custom blended hair are attached using a link method at the root.  This method offers a lot of support so as not to damage the client’s own hair.

Halo Hair Extensions:

Halo extensions are an excellent choice for thin hair, for two critical reasons:

  • The halo is a one-piece extension with an un-detectable wire that stays on your head like a headband. It does not bond or glue to your hair, meaning there is no danger of your own hair getting pulled out or broken.
  • Halo hair extensions can be put on and taken off whenever you want to do so. Since there is nothing harmful about putting on the halo, or the removal procedure, it lets your real hair continue to grow while you wear the halo hair extensions.

Let Custom Hair By Catherine customize the best hair extension method for your thin hair. To schedule an appointment, contact us at or  917.482.6493!