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HAIR EXTENSIONS METHODS NYC – Several Hair Extension Methods are available that are customized specifically for you! Contact US For A Complimentary Appointment Today! Or Call 917.482.6493

Tape In Hair Extensions

The Client’s hair is attached to 1 1/2 inch or less ultra-thin, tape-like strips of hair. This hair extension method can add length, volume, and fill out broken sections or shorter sides.  In addition to all natural colors –  ombre, rooted colors, and color melting are available, which allows for an unlimited range of color effects.  It works well on most fine hair as removal does not break down the clients’ own hair. Tape-in hair extensions can last 6-10 weeks between tightening, are lightweight, and can rarely be seen or felt. The hair is top quality and can be reused for 6 months with proper maintenance. Not all Tape In hair extensions are universally the same. I had to try several kinds to find one that is good quality hair, stays in, and is easy to remove without breaking the clients’ own hair.

Hand tied Sew in/Invisi-Link Wefts

hair extensions methods

hair extensions methods

This hair extension method utilizes single hand-tied strips of wefted hair that are attached to small metal rings that cannot be seen.  The attachments are extremely flat.  It works well on shorter-length hair (4-6 inches) to achieve a well-blended integration for length.  It also works great on very fine hair without breaking it down.  Depending on hair texture, this method lasts 5-8 weeks.  The hair can be re-used 6 months when properly maintained.





Removable Extensions – HairWire halo Extensions TM
Another hair extension method offered is removable hair extensions using wefted hair with clips or an invisible wire.  This hair extension method is also visually undetectable and is great for clients who travel extensively, live out of town, or just don’t want to be bothered with maintenance.  Wefted hair extensions can be alternated between a sew-in or removable application at any time.

Hair extension methods NYC can be “lifesaving” on extremely damaged hair so you can grow out your own hair to be healthy without creating any further damage. There are many clients who have hair that has thinned out on the top that utilize this method.  By filling out the sides and ends, this method makes it appear that the entire head of hair is thicker.  It is also fabulous for filling out thin, stringy ends!

For out-of-town clients – once you have your first HairWire Halo Hair Extension – we can keep your measurements and hair color sample for future pieces without having to come back to the salon.  If you change your hair color, you can send a new sample.

For first-time out-of-town clients – please plan 2 -3 weeks in advance.  This way we can allow ample time to get your extension made while you’re in New York.

The hair is high quality, unlike pre-made packaged clip-ons or other halo extensions.  It is also custom blended to match perfectly, sized to fit Your head, and designed to meet your specific hair needs exactly.  The hair will not shed extensively and is more comfortable than pre-made halo extensions.

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Best Hair Extensions Salons NYC

Halo hair extensions

HairWire Halo hair extensions

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What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a creation of several innovative techniques that may be used separately or in combination with each other to add length and fullness to your existing hair.  I use hair extension methods that ensure no or minimal damage to the client’s own hair when properly maintained.  Quality and care of the hair extension and the client’s hair is a number one priority.