Hair extensions are unbelievable. Literally at the drop of a hat, the best hair extensions in NYC can take your look from a shorter style, a long bob, or thin hair, and immediately transform it into thick, long, wavy locks that will turn everyone’s head. But if you’re new to hair extensions, even the best ones won’t look natural if you’re making any of these common mistakes:

Lack of knowledge about hair extensions:

It’s important that you know what extensions options are available and best suited to your individual situation. Begin your hair extension adventure at a reputed salon. Check with the stylist about the different types of extensions available and the methods of application. Having a clear idea about what you want will help the stylist determine what is realistic and the best method for you.  This will not just save you money, but also prevent hair damage.

You’re using the incorrect hair type:

While it might be enticing for a thin-haired girl to want extensions that are made of voluminous, lustrous hair. even the best hair extensions in NYC will look unrealistic if you stray too far from your own hair type. Having thin hair with tresses of pretty thick hair usually won’t blend well and it’ll be apparent that you’re wearing extensions. Similarly, if your tresses are thick and coarse, don’t opt for extensions that are fine. It will not work with your hair type!

You are using low-quality extensions:

Human extensions that are high quality are the best and will blend with your hair seamlessly. Using low-quality or synthetic extensions can result in matting and unnatural looking hair that will cause damage to your own hair as you try to untangle them.

Visiting the wrong hair salon:

Application of hair extensions by an inexperienced hairstylist can cause damage to your natural hair. Lack of proper maintenance of hair extensions can also damage your hair significantly. It’s essential that you work with a professional who will find the best extensions method keeping in mind the nature of your hair.

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