Buying the Right Hair Extensions in NYC

Here is information regarding buying the right Hair Extensions in NYC.  There is a direct relationship between quality hair extensions and hair extension prices. While no one wants to overpay for hair extensions and your personal budget is a major factor (sometimes you can only pay what you have). It is important to ask what am I really getting and is it really a value?

If the hair doesn’t match your hair or dries out every month or two so you have to replace it, how much are you really saving? You can save more in the long run by buying better quality hair extensions that don’t need to be replaced every month. You also benefit from hair extensions that look and feel real because you’re receiving a customized service from a Hair Extension Specialist. Buying hair online and finding a hairdresser to install is not the same as a professional application from a knowledgeable Specialist with Custom quality hair.

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Quality of Hair When Buying Hair Extensions

Quality of hair is one of the most important factors as to how real your hair extensions will look and feel. Color and texture match is also very important. Most hair extensions today are Indian Remi hair. Many websites and salons selling hair extensions claim this is the best quality hair today. While it is the most used, it is not necessarily the “best”.  “Virgin Indian temple” hair is good quality and good to use if your own hair happens to be dark, fine, and wavy or curly.

Best Hair Extensions Sources

It is also important to know and trust your supplier as just because they say it, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s so. Unfortunately, the internet can make this difficult as many times you have to buy the hair and wear it to see if the quality is there. European/Russian cuticle hair comes in a range of natural colors and is usually best suited for Caucasian hair. Quality Brazilian, Spanish and Indian hair are good for both Caucasian and ethnic hair when matched correctly. Proper blending to match your own hair insures a beautiful result. European hair can also be texturized to match relaxed ethnic hair, is good quality, and lasts a long time with proper maintenance.


Today with the internet, you can buy all types of hair extensions online. Prices range from $20 to $5,000 at some of the high end salons. When comparing prices, keep in mind, Do-it-yourself extensions are never the same quality as you can expect from a professional who specializes in hair extensions and is experienced. Hair purchased online to the public is generally not as good of quality as from a sava da paginawholesaler or salon that specializes in quality hair. When purchasing hair extensions from a salon, prices can vary by location as overhead and costs are much higher in New York City than other cities.  Do your homework and ask lots of questions at the consultation to determine if what is being offered is true quality. If the stylist isn’t familiar with the different types of hair, methods, and options, they are not experienced or specialized.