Does your hair have broken shorter pieces or weak sides?  Is it uneven or thinned out in the back?  Find out how custom made human hair extensions can fix this problem.

Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions

Custom Hair by Catherine can create custom designed human hair extensions to fill out and hide broken, shorter, and thinner pieces of hair.  Extra length and volume can be added too.

There are many things that can cause hair to break, thin out, or be shorter than the rest.  Some people have hair that is naturally thinner at the sides or back.  Other causes of this can be from over-cut layers, extensive hair damage, or just a bad haircut.  Human hair extensions can be utilized to fix this problem.

Invisi-Link hand tied weft extensions can be designed and placed to fill out or add length. The attachment is flat to the head. The hair is custom blended for an exact color match. This method works well on thick to medium hair.

Tape in Hair extensions can also be utilized for this situation.  These human hair extensions work very well for shorter layers toward the top of the head.  Tape in’s are a good method on thin, medium, and fine hair as long as the hair isn’t too fragile.

HairWire Halo human hair extensions are also a great way to fill out and thicken up broken ends.  This method can also be custom blended for color, length and thickness to meet your exact needs.  This custom made piece also insures there is no further damage to your own hair.

It can be frustrating when your hair is hard to style because of broken, thin, and uneven pieces.  Now you can have full, healthy looking hair while safely growing your own hair out!

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