For most women today, hair means a lot. Good hair ranks up there on the emotional scale as we all know what having a “bad hair day” feels like. But maintaining long thick hair is a difficult task especially in today’s busy life and sometimes unhealthy lifestyle.
The best solution for getting lustrous and thick hair instantly is hair extensions. They not only give an appearance of increased hair length but also add volume to the hair. And there are numerous types, trends, and brands of hair extensions available among which 100% human hair extensions are considered the best and easy-to-maintain option.

High quality human hair extensions are considered the best human hair extension choice by far due to the exceptional quality and value. Many people use the term ’Remy’ hair which refers to the overall characteristics of the hair along with a specific method used for processing and collecting the hair extensions.

Basically, all the hair strands follow the same direction so there will be no tangling or matting issues. This is because the hair is collected through a process where the hair strands are aligned in the natural direction as it grew. Therefore, the hair doesn’t have to be stripped as when the cuticles are inverted to stop tangling and matting. This process leaves the hair in good condition and closer to its natural state.

Unfortunately, all hair labeled “remy” is not necessarily high quality. You have to know the sources that can be trusted which can be a process of trial and error.
When you opt for lower quality hair extensions, the cuticle directions are mixed up which cause inevitable shedding, tangling and matting problems. The original source and quality of the hair also affects the end product. Initially, the hair feels soft and silky, but after a few washes the silicone coatings that are used to keep the hair smooth eventually wears off which results in dryness, matting, and tangling.

Some of the benefits of using high quality human hair extensions are as follows:

Firstly, the human hair extensions blend well with your natural hair as compared to the synthetic options.
Secondly, there are no restrictions such as no heat when styling. The styling possibilities with human hair extensions are endless.
Thirdly, You can dye or color your own hair without the worry of damaging the extensions.

Fourthly, human hair extensions offer enhanced durability and hence are the best option for long term wear and frequent usage.
Lastly, human hair extensions are easier to maintain than synthetic versions and last much longer. Not to mention, they look and feel real!

We at Custom Hair By Catherine Hair Extensions NYC offer the best human hair extensions in NYC that are custom made to look and feel like your own hair. For us, the integrity of your hair is our topmost priority. We are considered as specialists in custom made hair extensions, cuts, coloring as well as highlighting.

We provide you with top quality cuticle Remy hair that include European, Italian and Indian textures. To learn more about our human hair extensions in NYC, contact today at 917-482-6493 or email us at We offer complimentary consultations by appointment only.