Hair extensions can get a bad reputation, especially when the color does not quite match the rest of the hair or the attachments can be seen. These tell-tale signs of extensions can look fake and cheap. But with more natural-looking, better quality hair and ground-breaking methods now available, hair extensions NYC can be the answer for some of your biggest hair worries. Above all, when done in the right way, no one will know you are wearing them. Hair Extensions NYC appointment

Who is the ideal candidate for hair extensions?

You are the ideal candidate for hair extensions NYC if:

  • You wish a boost in confidence: Fuller, longer and shinier locks are an indication of youth. As you grow old, your hair thins. Similar to a killer pair of shoes or a great blowout, hair extensions can give you a little zest in your step.
  • You wish a change in your look: Not happy with your hair? Hair extensions let you experiment with color without bleaching your hair. Attach one pink stripe for the night or get an ombre effect without altering your color permanently.

What questions do you need to ask your hair extension provider? 

Choose a reputable salon for your extensions. It is very critical to do your homework. Ask your salon questions like:

  • What types of hair do you use: The answer to this question should be high grade 100% human hair with a few different textures.
  • How many methods do you offer and which method would be best for my hair? If a salon is only offering one method of hair extensions, it may not be the best method for your hair.

          Do you use “Cuticle hair”?” While everyone uses the term “Remy” hair to indicate the cuticles are kept intact while the hair is collected and processed, it doesn’t guarantee its good hair.  High grade cuticle hair should not matte, tangle, and dry out quickly.

What are my options in hair extensions? 

There are a number of options available when it comes to hair extensions NYC – hand tied sew in, tape in, halo and clip ins are the safest methods and allows a non-damaging solution for everyone.  Like other hair decisions, there’re pros and cons to each method depending on your own hair. If you are not sure, you can start with a removable option, as they’re an excellent starting point for anybody new to hair extensions or anyone with severely damaged hair.

How to take care of hair extensions? 

Taking care of hair extensions is not difficult. They need to be washed and conditioned to keep the hair shiny and healthy. Follow these tips explained below to keep your hair extensions in top condition.

  • Comb them with a large tooth comb to keep out tangling.
  • Fold into a ponytail and soak under the faucet. Don’t let the hair swirl around by holding both ends.
  • Apply shampoo and wash lightly with a few squishes. There is no need to scrub.
  • Wring out all excess water, apply conditioner and comb through root to end.
  • Rinse your extension with lukewarm water

If you’re using permanent extensions, talk to your hair stylist on what shampoo and conditioner to use as each method can be different.  Always wash hair in the shower with your head back.

Moreover, ensure your hair is absolutely dry when you go to sleep.  The hair should also be pulled back. You can braid or twist the hair to create waves for the next day.

Do hair extensions damage my hair? 

Hair extensions can damage your hair if not done correctly or is not a compatible method for your hair. You need to steer clear of extensions that are heavier compared to your actual hair. The weight can make your real hair break.  Damage can also happen when extensions are affixed too tightly.

The combination of strain and weight on your hair can break down your own hair and eventually cause traction alopecia. To steer clear of this problem, you must visit the salon every 5-8 weeks for maintenance if your hair extensions are permanent.  Your hair stylist will take the extensions out and re-install them, so they are closer to the scalp which offers more support.

If your hair is starting to weaken, it is recommended to take a break from time to time or actually go without extensions for a while. You can switch to the Halo method which causes no damage to your hair whatsoever.

Are hair extensions worth it? 

If you are struggling to grow hair or just want long hair quickly, hair extensions NYC are a worthy investment. Nonetheless, you want to insure you select the best one to make them worthwhile.

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