One of the most luxurious services you could expect from a salon are hair extensions. Prices can vary between hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the kind and quality of extensions. Human hair extensions in NYC caters to clients that want quality hair that looks and feels real at a fair price.  They offer some of the finest quality extensions in the market. Common Hair Extension Mistakes

  1. Picking the best method for your personal situation

Picking the appropriate extension type and method can be rather intimidating if this is the first time. If this is your first ever time, I recommend doing some research yourself to get familiar with the types of extensions available.  Once you have a general idea of how it works, it will be easier to make an informed decision.

It is best to go to someone who is an expert and specializes in hair extensions. Several factors should be considered when choosing the type of extensions that will best suit your lifestyle, hair type, and budget.  Don’t choose a type of hair extension that you know nothing about as it could end up being a waste of money and time. Or worse, damage your own hair. You also want to consider if a removable or attached system is preferable.

  1. Picking texture and color that matches your own hair

Hair extensions should match the same texture and color as your natural hair. Otherwise, it can be very obvious.  For example, visualize your fine hair matched with a coarse hair extension.  Your natural hair won’t blend well with the hair extensions making it obvious to the viewer.

  1. Find out all the details before deciding

As for any salon service, you’ll want to take into account the budget necessary to maintain the extensions if they are attached to your own hair.   Maintenance can be required anywhere from 5-9 weeks. So, you’ll have to consider this along with the initial cost of the extensions.  Removable hair extensions such as clip in’s or Hair Wire Halo don’t require salon visits for maintenance.

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Common Hair Extension Mistakes