I’ve been doing hair extensions in NYC since 1999.  My career in hair extensions began 10 years before that.  It’s interesting that I never really aspired to do hair extensions since it wasn’t mainstream in the 80’s except for African American hair and in California.  African American women had invented hair weaving decades before.

However, I had a close friend who owned a hair salon.  She was usually ahead of the curve with most things and had the first salon in town that did hair extensions, hairpieces, and men’s hair replacement.

I was still trying to “find my way” and was always attracted to anything involving hair, beauty, and fashion.  I’ve always said “hair extensions found me”.  My own hair was dark, curly, frizzy “poodle” hair and I was always trying to manage it.  Of course, I admired long, silky blond hair. It took me about 13 years to get that – but that’s a another story.

Hair extensions in NYC


This is what made me so conscientious about hair integrity.  I was always testing every new product to achieve my goal without ruining my hair in the process.  I found the best keratin treatments, Olaplex, color lines, and styling products.

So I went to school, apprenticed with my friend and got a hair license.  By that time I was pretty good but always researching, learning, and inventing new techniques. A year later, my friend decided to move to Los Angeles and open another salon while I ran the current one.  I was also traveling back and forth between salons with the idea of ending up in Los Angeles myself.

The year I was planning to move to Los Angeles the North Ridge earthquake happened.  Many people left and Los Angeles went into a bit of a depression. There wouldn’t be enough business for me to move now so within the year I ended up moving to Miami on South Beach and went out on my own.

In South Beach, I rented a room in an existing salon to do hair extensions.  I also started doing hair and make up for photo shoots and TV commercials.  While Miami was beautiful and fun for 4 years, it is a vacation/party town and very transient.

I realized I wanted more stability so I moved to do hair extensions in NYC.  I had friends here and it was a relatively easy transition after the first few years.  I’ve been here for 18 years now and have a wonderful clientele.   The boutique salon I rent space from is warm, inviting, and stress free.

The methods of extensions I offer include tape in, Invisi-Link sew in, halo, and clip in.  All of the hair extensions in NYC I offer are customized to your specific hair needs.  For more information you can contact me by email or phone at 917.482.6493.