Do you want to get hair extensions? If yes, they can help you boost your confidence and style. You should follow a proper maintenance routine to ensure your new locks stay radiant and healthy. Please check out this comprehensive guide on how to maintain and extend the lifespan of your hair extensions:

Gentle Washing –

Wash your hair extension regularly to keep your fresh and vibrant. But maintaining a delicate balance is essential, so you should avoid excessive washing, as it can lead to loosening hair strands and a shorter lifespan. You should apply a gentle moisturizing shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for hair extension. Try to massage your scalp gently and avoid friction at the attachment points as much as possible.

Avoid Tangling –

Tangles are the main competitor of well-maintained hair extensions. You can avoid them by combing your extensions gently. It’s wise to start combing from the ends and work up to the roots. Always use a wide-toothed or special extension-friendly brush to prevent damage and pulling. You should comb regularly, several times a day to avoid unwanted tangles.

Heat Protection –

Exposure to high temperatures can badly impact your hair extensions. Whether it’s from a hairdryer, straightener, or curling iron, you should keep the heat at a lower setting. You can use heat-protectant products to protect your extensions from potential damage and maintain their natural luster.

Avoiding Unnecessary Stress –

Likewise, unnecessary stress and pulling can affect your natural hair and extension. You should be careful when styling or updos and avoid overly tight ponytails or braids that might strain the hair roots. Try to minimize stress that can contribute to your extensions’ longevity and ensure they stay securely in place.

Bedtime Rituals –

Keep your extensions protected during bedtime by making a loose ponytail. It can help you prevent tangling and potential damage while sleeping. You can even buy a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and static and enjoy healthier and more manageable hair when you wake up.

Regular Professional Appointments –

Your hair extensions require regular appointments. You should schedule maintenance visits with your hair extensions salon and ensure that everything is in order. They can check the attachment points and address any issues as soon as possible that can contribute to your extensions’ overall health and longevity.

Tailored Products –

In addition, you should give your extensions the care they deserve by using specialized hair care products. Never use harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the hair; instead, shop for quality hair care products that enhance its health and shine.

Final Conclusion –

Whether you want to  extend their lifespan, you should schedule an appointment with Custom Hair By Catherine. Our expert specialist specializes in providing personalized advice based on the unique characteristics of your hair extensions in NYC. With proper care, your radiant locks will continue to turn heads while ensuring you always look and feel your absolute best.