A bad haircut can ruin your overall look for any occasion. In this case, you would rather wear a scarf on your head than allow anyone to see your hair. Since you probably would not prefer to wear a scarf, you can opt for hair extensions. Interestingly, you can have a quick fix with the help of hair extensions near me in NYC. This way, you can restore your beautiful hair with confidence.

Hair extensions have quite a number of benefits apart from covering a bad haircut. Here are some of the highlights.

  1.    Dynamic appearance

Your hairstyle and fashion sense should be versatile. It’s nice to have options and have the ability to wear different hairstyles to correlate with various fashion looks. With extensions, you can go as far as changing the color of your hair. Fortunately, hair extensions near me in NYC can match any hair color seamlessly.  They offer custom blended colors to add highlights, low lights, or create an ombre effect.

  1.    Voluminous texture

Perhaps, you are having a difficult time dealing with hair loss or just have very thin hair. You can use hair extensions to add volume, fill out stringy ends, and create an overall appearance of thick, healthy hair.  We can also create an avenue through which your own hair can be made stronger. Moreover, hair extensions near me in NYC can make your natural hair look healthier.

  1.    Easy detachment

Some hair extensions can cause damage to your hair. The fact is that the method of attachment needs to be compatible with your hair type and condition.  It is also imperative to have good quality extensions that are easy to remove for maintenance. If they are not, removing your hair extensions can become problematic.  With quality hair extensions near me in NYC, we choose a method that will not damage your own hair. 

  1.    Length of hair

If you don’t have naturally long hair, you can also create length with hair extensions.  There are many options in the amount of length that can be added.  Hair up to 26 inches in length can be custom ordered. There is nothing like feeling your new long hair swaying as you walk!

Finally, using hair extensions near me in NYC can allow you to blend colors, textures, and length for a perfect, seamless blend. No one will ever know!  Whatever your hair situation is, you can opt for hair extensions today with the assurance of getting that desired appearance. Feel free to stay connected with Custom Hair By Catherine on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter  social media networks!