Is thinning hair scaring you and making you worry?  Are you experiencing anxiety and lowered self-esteem because of it? Do not worry; there is good news awaiting you! Yes, there is a way to get your hair volume back.  Buying hair extensions that enhance your hair can work wonders. While hair extensions are known to add length to the hair, they also can add volume.

According to some studies, almost half of the people suffering from hair thinning and hair loss spend their entire life trying to regain a full, lustrous head of hair. However, we at Custom Hair By Catherine would say – you need not have to do that! Instead, you can discover an array of the best hair extensions in NYC, including custom hand-tied sew-in, tape-in, Halo, and clip-on.

Best Hair Extensions for Adding Volume

We at Custom Hair By Catherine understand your concern for hair thinning well. Hence, we have brought some of the best hair extension options for adding the desired volume to your hair. However, while choosing among the variety of hair extension options available for adding volume to hair: you need to consider the amount of weight and stress placed on your natural hair by the extensions. In such scenarios, we would suggest that the lightest amount is most favorable.

The best hair extension option for women with fine or thin hair is a Halo or tape-in extension rather than clip-in extensions. Halo’s are sandwiched between your hair and lay flat. As they are not attached to your hair, there is absolutely no damage. Usually, clip-ins are heavier and bulkier, which puts extreme stress on thin hair. On the other hand, tape-ins are lightweight and nondamaging. Moreover, applying tape-in extensions is easier and looks completely unnoticeable, offering your hair a natural look and feel.

Hair Extension Salons

The volume and thickness of your hair can restrict your styling choices severely. Women with fine or thin hair using hair extensions can get their desired thickness and fullness, and most importantly, these offer a natural look and feel. Considering buying hair extensions in NYC? Then we at Custom Hair By Catherine are renowned for providing some of the best hair extensions options for all.

Factors to Consider While Looking for Best Hair Extensions in NYC

Now that you have understood that hair extensions are the most effective, easy, and quick fix for hair thinning and for adding the desired length, you must be getting ready to try some! However, before purchasing hair extensions, we would like to suggest you consider certain factors for making the right decision. Take a look at these factors below:

Make sure to choose 100% Remy Virgin Hair

As you might have come across several hair extension options while searching that, include virgin Remy hair, synthetic hair, and non-virgin Remy Hair. Many manufacturers claim that they use 100 percent human Remy hair. However, many of them mix virgin and non-virgin hair to cut the cost. Most importantly, choose a reputable salon like ours. You can get 100% cuticle intact top-quality human hair extensions with us.

Look for the Hair Extensions that Match Your Lifestyle

Keep your lifestyle as one of the top considerations while choosing hair extensions. Opting for Halo or clip-in extensions is the best fit for people who are too busy to find time to maintain hair extensions regularly. You will need to follow a new hair care routine if looking for permanent hair extensions. Volume For Thin Hair

The texture of the Hair Extensions Matters a Lot

Hair extensions originate from different regions of the world and come in several textures.  You want to get quality hair that is as close to your natural texture as possible.  The source and processing of the natural hair are key.  Russian, European, and Ukrainian hair that is gently processed is high quality.  Indian and Brazilian hair can also be beautiful, depending on the texture and processing.

Match the Color of Your Hair

A hair extension whose color matches perfectly with your natural hair will blend seamlessly and look natural.  You want to go to someone who can match and combine different colors to achieve a perfect match.

Go for a Professional Hair Stylist

Getting hair extensions applied by a professional hairstylist is one of the best ways to get the most natural and seamless look. Remember, improper attachment of hair extensions, and bad hair can bring so many issues and make you feel uncomfortable in your daily life. You want to feel secure that your hair extension looks natural and seamless.

When it comes to the best hair extensions in NYC, look no further than Custom Hair By Catherine! Get in touch with us today.

Volume For Thin Hair

Volume For Thin Hair